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Featuring Rare and Hard to find Saltwater Aquarium Fish from Around the World.

Emperor Angels  are a classic favorite of Saltwater Aquariums. Our selection of fine and exotic Angel Fish can't be beat!      Welcome to Marine Aquatics, your online source for Saltwater Aquarium fish.

Featuring Rare and  Hard to Find Angel Fish,  Sharks, Wrasse’s, Lion Fish, Eels, Tangs, Butterfly Fish and More !

Catering to the discerning Saltwater Aquarium Fish Enthusiast, Marine Aquatics sells the highest quality Aquarium Fish Available. Unlike most commercial Aquarium stores, this is not only our business but is also our hobby and passion.

One of our favorite Angel fish, The Interuptus Angel Fish  is a real attention getter. Feel assured that all of our Fish are Healthy, Eating well and almost perfect specimans of the species.  While in our holding facility near Atlanta Georgia we monitor each fish on an ongoing basis and pride ourselves in our Quality. 

All of our pictures are actual pictures of our stock taken while in our tanks, in almost all cases you actually see the fish that you are purchasing, not just a textbook photo.

Feel free to check out our website and compare our prices, quality and committment to the customer with other web sites and Saltwater Aquarium Stores. You’ll find that Marine Aquatics is one of  the best Saltwater Aquarium Stores to be found. 

Cross Hatch Trigger Fish

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