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Suggested Acclimation Procedures for Fish

We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. To insure the least stress and longest life for your fish please follow this basic acclimation procedure:

  • Upon arrival of your new fish, you should take the bag & place it in a tub or a bucket then cut it open . then place an air stone in the tub for aeration . Take a small line tubing & tie a knot in it, then slowly start to drip your aquarium water into the bucket until the water mixture is 50/50. Then after one hour place the fish into your aquarium.


  • Your salinity should be 1.024 to 1.026 , temperature should not exceed 78 degrees , P.H. 8.3. You should not have any ammonia or nitrite present when acclimating your fish!!! 
  • Take your time, Don’t Rush  and you will enjoy your fish for a long time.

Failure to follow this basic acclimation procedure can stress your new fish with possible death as a result.

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