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Why Don’t You Offer free Shipping?

  • Simple, we don’t want to insult the intelligence of our customers. We do not make money from shipping, period. We find it offensive that other  web sites offer “free shipping” while charging for boxes, delivery fees etc.  

Why Don’t You Offer a 7 or 14 Day Guaranty?

  • We believe our fish are of the highest quality and disease free as can be found anywhere! We will NEVER knowingly ship a sick or diseased fish and risk our reputation just to “Sell” a fish.  But we cannot guaranty the condition of the tanks that our fish go into once they are shipped.

How Often do You Receive New Fish?

  • We Receive new fish almost daily. Some are in limited Quantities depending upon there rarity, all of the fish go into our quarantine tanks and are observed to be sure they are healthy, eating right and are safe to put into your tank!

How Do I get A Catalog ?

  • With new fish arriving daily we simply can not publish a catalog. To keep updated, bookmark our site and check back often. Sales (when applicable) are sent out via email to the members of our mailing list.

How do i Pay for My Item ?

  • We accept Paypal, Check, Money Order and Almost All Major Creidt Cards.

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